Purbachal new planned city/town It is the largest planned township in the country. The project area comprises approximately 6,150 acres of land between Shitalakhya and the Balu River in Rupgonj Thana in Narayangonj District and in Kaligonj Thana in Gazipur District in northeast Dhaka. The community is connected by an 8 highways  wide road from the intersection of Airport Road / Progati Swarani. The distance is only 6.8 km. Around 26,000 residential properties of various sizes, 62,000 apartments with the necessary infrastructure are provided. and urban facilities. RAJUK intends to plan and develop the area as an autonomous new municipality with all modern facilities and facilities. 38.74% of the areas used for residential purposes, 25.9% for motorways, 6.41% for administration and trade, 3.2% for institutions and industrial parks, 6.6% for urban green and open spaces, 7.1% for lakes and canals, 2.5% for sport, 6% for education, health and social infrastructure.

Location of the Project

The “Purbachal New Town Project” is located in Rupgonj thana in the Narayangonj district and in Kaligonj thana in the Gazipur district between the Balu River and Sitalakhya at a distance of 16 km from the zero point of Dhaka. The deadline for the revised project is July 1995 to December. 2015. The total area of ​​the project is 6,150 acres, divided into 30 sectors. Since 2002-2003, development work has been carried out on 4,500 acres (part of Narayangonj) and the remainder on 1,500 acres (part of Gazipur) development work started from January 2013.

Objective of the Project

  • To reduce the pressure of population in Dhaka city by creating opportunity of residential accommodation of the city dwellers in the vicinity of the city.
  • To maintain the balance of environment by proper urbanization. To create environment friendly and sustainable atmosphere.
  • To reduce the existing acute problem of housing.
  • To expand civic facilities by urbanization to the near by and surrounding areas gradually.
  • Development of new township and to expand economic facilities.
  • To mitigate future housing demand.

Background of the Project

The metropolis of Dhaka is now the busiest and most densely populated city. The large number of people live permanently in the city of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, for service, business and other purposes. The living space required for the large number of people is completely inadequate. As a result, Dhaka City’s residential areas become dirty cities day by day, being overcrowded and creating an unsanitary environment. It is possible to reduce the population pressure of Dhaka City to a great extent by developing the area around Dhaka City in a planned manner and providing permanent housing for this large population.

Current State of the Project

Site development: Site development works of sector 1-5, 8,9,11,12,13,14, 17-20, 22,23 and 29-30 are almost complete. In other sectors, work is currently being carried out on site development. The development of the site of the Gazipur part has started and the process consists of 60%

Construction of Road: Road construction works in Sectors No. 1,3,4,5,8,9,11,13,14, 17,20,29 and 30 have largely been completed. Road works are being carried out in Sector No. 2,7,10,18 and 19 In other sectors, roads are being built after a significant advance in development work.

Construction of Bridges: In the Narayanganj part the construction of 3 bridges have been completed, 25 numbers are in progress and the progress of the works is 70%.The rest of the bridges are in the tendering process.

Construction of 300′-0″ wide ‘purbachal Link Road’: 
Construction of all the Bridges (6 Nos.) and other structures (underpass, sluice gate etc.) on the Purbachal Link Road will be completed and road construction work is expected to be completed by Dec/2015. 

Utility services: Power poles have already been installed in Sector 1,3,4,5,11,13,14, 17,23,30. In Sector 4, delivery will be completed in February 2015.

Plot handing Over: The handing over of plots in the Sector 1(Part),3(Part),4(Part),5(Part),9(Part),11(Part),13(Part),14(Part),17(Part),18(Part), is on going.

Future Plan

Many commercial and government institutions will be relocating to Purbachal New Town, including the fire station. Two police lines and four police stations are being built there to ensure security around the clock. There are also plans to build a 142-story skyscraper. on 74 hectares of land in Purbachal. It will be a very tall structure and have sports complexes as well as the ability to host international conferences. Discussions about the structure are currently being held with the US-based KPC Group. The main objective of this large project, building houses to meet future housing needs, is also in the works. 38% of the total project is used for residential purposes. 62,000 houses are being built on 90 hectares of land for low and middle income families. Because of this, RAJUK Purbachal is becoming a popular area for people connected to the real estate industry and the general population.


Final Thought

The design and layout of this modern project was created by some of the most skilled and popular architects, engineers, city planners and environmentalists. It will have all the elements of a modern and comfortable life. To remove Dhaka’s biggest problem, traffic jams, the project will have streets as wide as 30, 40, 60 and even 80 feet! In addition, the construction costs of the buildings will be lower as the area is in a flood-free zone and requires fewer piles. If you are moving to the area security is sure to be second to none.

It goes without saying to have the eyes of all real estate companies in such an area. Many other equally attractive projects are also being built in nearby areas such as Arison Holdings Limited new Projects. The work in RAJUK Purbachal New Town is much faster than any other area in Dhaka. So we can easily say that Dhaka City will change a lot in the next 10 years & Purbachal city will be the center of this change.